tagged illustration

Commission Rates:


  • $10 bust sketch
  • $10 comic panel sketch.
  • $20 multi-figure sketch page/expressions page.
  • $40 full digital illustration sketch: figures and background
  • $60 full digital illustration inks: figures and background (includes one round of revisions)
  • $100 full digital illustration in color: figures and background (includes two rounds of revisions)


  • $60 digital comic page: inked and lettered (includes two rounds of revisions)
  • $120 digital comic page: inked, lettered, and colored (includes two rounds of revisions)
  • $700 a full digital mini comic up to eight pages: inked, lettered, and colored (includes three rounds of revisions)


  • $30 script outline
  • $15/page scripting and dialogue

Please contact me directly for more information about traditional commissions, storyboarding, editing, or other story department work. Thanks!